Risk Manager

Identify, manage and collaborate on risks in your organisation using a highly digitised and fresh approach to Risk Management

Risk Manager


Features you love


Everybody in your organisation has quick, easy and convenient access to record, view and work with risks.

Rich functionality

All the features you need to configure the app to match your organisational risk management processes and procedures.


Alerts, notifications and reminders keep everybody informed - bringing life to your risk management processes.

  • 1
    Record and validate risks

    Every user in your organisation can quickly capture details for risks in their respective areas using one, simple to use form and integrated guidance as defined by your Risk Management Team. Risks are captured and classified according to the criteria specified in the Administration Panel.

    Your risk management team can review all risks and validate those that need to be managed as part of your Enterprise Risk Management process.

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    Add controls

    Capture details of the various controls designed to mitigate each risk. Controls are captured and classified using the customsied criteria captured in the Administration Panel.

  • 3
    Add and monitor control actions

    Where additional actions are needed to improve controls and reduce residual risk, these can be added and assigned to employees in your organisation. The integrated messaging system ensures that all roleplayers are kept informed when actions are created, updated and closed.



Do more with Risk Manager

Fully customisable

Fully customisable

Set Risk Manager up according to your policies and procedures

Set up risk clusters (or functions) and various risk categories to ease the risk management process.

Risk Managers can configure the options used across the webapp. This includes setting the scores, labels and colours to be used for impact, likelihood and control scores. Set the labels and colouring for ineherent and residual risk scores that are calculated by the system.

Use the Administration Panel to set up guidance for users that will help them decide how to determine impact ratings for risks.

Easy to Use

Simplicity is its own reward

Every user in your organisation can quickly and easily access Risk Manager.

Users can capture details of any risk using one, simple form available from anywhere in the webapp.

User reports available form the main menu make it easy for users to track and manage risks, controls and control actions that they own and are responsible for.

Easy to Use


Manage what matters

Although anybody can record a risk, control or control action, Risk Managers can decide which items form part of the Enterprise Risk Register by reviewing and validating everything that has been captured.

All reports in the system allow you to view only validated items or the full set.


Keep everybody informed

The integrated messaging and tasks system ensures that all users are kept informed when risks, controls and control actions are created and assigned to them.

The user dashboard keeps users up-to-date on tasks falling due in the next month as well as any alerts and notifications that they may have missed.



All the information you need in one dashboard

Risk Manager is packed with a variety of reports covering risks, controls and control actions. All of these are easily accessible through the main menu and through the Reporting Dashboard (available to Administrators) that provides a concise summary of key information.

Users also have access to key information that affects them through their own personalised dashboard and reports.

One simple price

No matter the size of your organisation, the number of risks monitored or the number of users accessing the webapp, you pay one price.

R5,999 per month

Subscriptions are payable annually in advance

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