Record and manage potential conflicts of interest



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Everything Online

All declarations required by your employer can be recorded and accessed in one convenient location.

Declare gifts and hospitality, investments, related interests and relationships quickly and conveniently.

Transparent Approvals

Any declarations you make that might need approval are automatically routed to the right people for approval.

Check when various approvals are provided and act quickly when conficts are identified.


All the information you provide remains confidential and only authorised people in your organisation can view it.

Your information is handled in compliance with Privacy Regulations at all times and to the strictest security standards.

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    Make your declarations

    Use the intuitive interface to record all declaration types that your employeR wishes to identify.

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    Review and Approval

    Your declarations are automatically routed for review and approval based on your organisation's rules.
    You can quickly see whether your declaration is automatically approved or whether it still requires intervention from risk management.

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    Review and Manage

    All your declarations are available online so if your personal circumenstances change you can quickly update your details and have these updates routed for review and approval (as appropriate).

Declaration Point


Hassle-free declarations, approvals and management

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Simple and intuitive

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use

The user interface is simple to understand and quick to follow. You can get all your information declared quickly and easily - from any device that has an Internet Connection.

You also don't need to worry about whether or not you are making all the necessary declarations required by your organisation's policies. If a declaration is needed, you will have the option to record it.

Declare anything

Capture a wide variety of declaration items

Declarations helps you to track and report on perceived and actual Conflicts of Interest by evaluating employee personal declarations covering a variety of configurable areas, including:

  • Gifts given and received
  • Personal Investments in listed equities or brokerage accounts
  • Ownership Interests
  • Non-Commercial Interests
  • Relationships with related parties
  • Additional work interests
  • Directorships
  • Trusts

Staff can record their interests and maintain these in one central data store. There is no need to record personal interests every year during the annual declaration period.

The variety of declarations you wish to track are easily configurable from the
Central Administration Control Panel.

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Highly configurable

Align Declarations with your internal policies

You decide what you want to track and then configure the routing and approval rules for each action.

Build Watch Lists and Prohibited Entity Lists to enable users to proactively identify conflicts as the information is being recorded.

Capture details of related people and quickly identify Politically Exposed Persons

Stay informed

Automated workflow, notifications and intuitive reporting keep you informed

The configurable workflow engine makes sure that all alerts and requests for approvals are sent to the right place every time. Approvers are able to see all outstanding requests on one dashboard and record their decisions in a few clicks.

The built-in reports provide all the insight you need to quickly spot exceptions and potential conflicts. You’re able to monitor interactions with Politically Exposed Persons, Related Organisations and Suppliers through the information provided by your staff. You can also execute a query against any organisation or natural person and check whether there are potential issues from the information provided by your employees.

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Need more?

Declarations is packed with even more features

  • Multi-tiered approvals
    You can configure Declarations to route requests for approvals to multiple levels, including:
    • Line Managers
    • Cluster Risk Managers
    • Central Risk Management
  • Easy access to policies
    Publish your policies directly on the landing page making it easy for all staff to understand all the relevant rules.
  • Store documents online
    Employees can upload necessary documents supporting their declarations and store these online against the relevant declaration period, making auditing and follow-ups easy..
  • Employee management made easy
    Declarations helps you to account for employee churn by ensuring that staff details are constantly verified. This means that you always know the size of your target audience and can easily produce accurate compliance statistics from a complete data set.


Activate Declarations for your organisation

Contact us to get Declarations

We will work closely with you and your Risk Management Team to:
  • Configure the webapp to your specific requirements
  • Define and/or capture your privacy statement
  • Provide training to your Risk Management Team
  • (If required) Work with your IT department to integrate your user lists

An annual subscription provides

  • Unlimited declarations per user *
  • Unlimited declaration types
  • Configurable routing and approvals
  • All bundled reports and dashboards
Based on number of subscribed users

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This amount is payable annually in advance
This cost is based only on the number of users in your organisation and excludes the up-front consulting, training and setup fees
Upfront costs may be waived depending on the number of users